The Golden God

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The Golden God

CPM 3V Steel: Carbon steel with extremely high toughness. This ensures an edge that is much less prone to chipping. A hardness of 62-63 hrc means the edge will be extremely sharp.

PVD Coating: The gold coating on this blade not only makes it gorgeous, but increases the corrosion resistance as well. The coating molecularly bonds to the surface of the steel, decreasing the coefficient of drag, causing cleaner cuts at the same time. The PVD process is also FDA approved for use in food, having already been used in high end food processing machinery components.

Handle: Proprietary gold leaf composite developed exclusively for Chef Draden. This composite handle will be hygienic, easy to wash, and without equal. The handles are attached with hidden pins, so there are no grooves for particulates to get trapped. The goal is simplicity and beauty